The dog from the shelter really wanted to find his owner

First of all, I would like to say thank you to the people, thanks to whom there are such animal shelters in our planet, because they are doing a very good deed. But, there is one «but». There are shelters that do not provide animals with normal conditions for existence and their pets do not know affection for themselves.

Most animals humbly wait for that happy moment when they are noticed and taken away. And there are those who by any means try to attract attention to themselves, doubling their chances.

A dog named Ray belongs to this category. To find a family, he did everything in his power. For a whole year, and that was how long he lived there, he held out his paw to each visitor so that he would not pass by. Before the shelter, Ray already had an owner who beat him and starved him. And then he was thrown out into the street. But the dog did not lose faith in people and tried to reach out to each person, because he so needed affection and care.

Ray’s persistence has paid off. One day, a man named Jerome walked past his cage and the dog, as usual, extended his paw to the man and looked into his eyes. So Jerome found a true friend, and Ray a long-awaited and loving family.

Jerome admitted that he could not understand how people could walk past such a devoted dog for so long?

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