The dog lost her puppies and became a mother to three tiny kittens

An animal rescue organization in the United States found Georgia the dog at a gas station right on the Mexican border. The animal was severely emaciated and wandered in search of scraps. On top of that, Georgia was pregnant.

Volunteers quickly took her to the veterinarian, where the premature roles began. However, unfortunately, it was impossible to save the puppies, as they were born prematurely.

Giordia was under real stress because of this and in desperate grief she searched for her puppies, even tearing the mattress on which she was laid. The hostess of the shelter was unbearable to look at such suffering of the animal. Since Georgia was, in fact, a nursing mother, the woman went to look for her puppies.

But she came across an advertisement for three kittens who needed a mother. At first, the woman doubted, since cats and dogs are still different types of animals. However, her fears were unfounded, Georgia accepted the crumbs as her own.

Anita very carefully showed the kittens to the dog and brought one cat. She sniffed it and seemed to accept it. And so she planted two more kittens. The most interesting thing is that Georgia, seeing the crumbs, immediately calmed down. And the kittens, apparently, did not even realize that their mother was a dog.

Now both Georgia and three caring kittens have their own homes and loving, caring owners. Note that one cat ended up with her in the same house and, most likely, they are now inseparable.

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