The dog refuses to part with his bowl and even sleeps with it

This Jack Terrier has a very interesting feature.He doesn’t part with his bowl for food and even falls asleep with her in his arms. This habit looks pretty funny, however, knowing its true cause, you will probably want to cry.

Suzanne took the dog from the shelter after seeing pictures of him with a drooping face and sad eyes on the institution’s website. She decided to give him a chance for a happy life and provide home, care and love.

Another dog lived in the house, also taken from the shelter. However, Neville had a very strange behavior.He quickly pounced on food, no matter how much it was, and as if he was trying to compete in order to have time to get it first, and he ate from the floor, and not from a bowl.

She tried to find the reason, and at the same time, instilled in him the habit of eating from her bowl, which the dog wouldn’t let go. Later, Suzanne found out that the bowl is a real treasure for him symbolizing home and comfort, and he is afraid that if he loses it, he will also lose his new life.

Experts suggested that breeders used it at one time to breed offspring and he didn’t have anything of his own, so his own bowl became a real value for him.And only with great effort, Suzanne taught him to eat from it.

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