The dog spent the whole night guarding the belongings of the owner, who was taken away by an ambulance

In the social networks of the city of Lviv, users are actively discussing the story of a faithful dog. Her nickname is Lviv Hatiko. The loyalty of this dog is simply amazing.

The events took place on the fifth of February. At about eleven in the evening, at one of the stops near the monument to Daniil Galitsky, ambulance workers took a man to a medical facility. The man fell, he received a head injury and a serious skull injury. The man’s dog was walking with him at the time of the incident. He didn’t budge, but sat and guarded his master’s things.

One of the employees of the organization for the protection of animals drew attention to this devoted dog. A volunteer was sent to the dog, but he didn’t let the girl near him. The dog sat in one place and waited for its owner.

People working in the animal protection service began to search for information about the dog and its family, but the search didn’t bring results. Volunteers decided to help the dog and save the dog from street life. As a result, he ended up in one of the city shelters «Lion». The workers were actively looking for owners. They posted ads on social networks, called hospitals, but all in vain.

On February 7th, the good news came. Managed to find the owner of the dog. Acquaintances of the injured man showed up and connected with volunteers. As it turned out, the name of the owner of Hachiko from Lvov is Aleksey.

Workers of the volunteer organization contacted the daughter of the injured man. It turned out that the real nickname of “Hachiko” is Sirko.

Now the dog is waiting for his master’s statement in his home.

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