The dog was abandoned right in the parking lot, leaving him only a towel

Sometimes, when getting a pet, people think that he is no different from a toy and that as soon as he gets bored, he can simply be thrown away. This is exactly what the previous owners of the poi named Ethan did.

When people got tired of taking care of the dog, they just left it in the parking lot. The dog was cold and hungry, he did not know how to live on the street, so he just sat where he was left. In the parking lot, Ethan was found by a family who left their car there on the way to the animal shelter. The family brought toys and food for the animals, which were taken care of by volunteers, to the shelter.

Returning to their car, people noticed just a towel in the parking lot, which moved strangely, as if there was something under it. Lifting the cloth from the ground, underneath they saw a dog so thin and weak that it didn’t even have the strength to stand up.

It was clear that the dog was just lying in anticipation of his death, but people decided that the life of the animal was worth fighting for. The family took Ethan to a shelter.

The shelter staff were surprised. In their practice, they have seen different cases, but Ethan was one of the thinnest dogs they have come across. Being a large dog, he weighed less than 15 gk. It was clear that the dog had been starving for a long time.

In the shelter, the dog was named Ethan, his story appeared on the page of the institution in the social network. People were very interested in the dog, so volunteers regularly posted news about him.

After a while, Ethan got better, he began to gain weight and the veterinarians called this a good sign, because the extreme thinness of the dog was a direct threat to his life. After a while, Ethan already weighed 33 kg and for his size this weight was ideal.

A lot of people followed the fate of Ethan, but the 11-year-old son of the couple who found the dog in the parking lot was the most worried. Seeing the dog for the first time, the boy could hardly hold back his tears. Every day the child found out how Ethan was doing, he often asked his parents to take him to the shelter to talk with the dog.

It was this family that took Ethan after he recovered. Now the dog is happy and surrounded by love and care.

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