The dog was pulled out of the hands of the flayers, after which she ended up in a shelter. And there other pets offended her

A cute dog named Zhulka wasn’t always happy. Once she was literally torn out of the hands of flayers, after which the baby was placed in a shelter. At that time, she was about a year old and volunteers began to look for owners for the animal.

Soon a girl named Inga Manukyan arrived at the shelter. Her family has long wanted to get a dog, and people opted for Zhulka. Despite the fact that the pet happened to suffer from non-humans, the baby didN’t lose faith in humans and was friendly with everyone.

The poor thing even now is very afraid of other dogs, because she repeatedly got it from stronger and more aggressive relatives while she lived in a shelter. That is why she tries to defend herself even when it isn’t required at all.

The dog has been living in Inga’s family for four years, and a couple of years ago, the girl’s husband brought home a small puppy. He found him on the railroad and felt sorry for the lonely pet, deciding that nothing bad would happen if there was onther dog in the house. So Treshka appeared in the family.

Ever since Zhulka began to live with a puppy, she began to behave less aggressively with other dogs. The new acquaintance definitely did her good!

Thank you kind family for helping two dogs.

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