The dog was thrown into the river and she continues to wait for her owner on the pier

Stories of abandoned animals aren’t rare. Sometimes the owners are so cruel and irresponsible that it is simply hard to believe that such people exist.

And this man threw the dog into the river. A photo of a dog that looks at the river with pain and longing quickly spread across the Internet. It happened in the city of Bangkok. The dog was waiting on the pier for the owner who left her there during their boat ride together.

People who live nearby talk about how the dog digs through a pile of garbage to find his own food. The dog hides in the corners, spends the night in the cold, but doesn’t leave this place. Passers-by treat the dog, stroke it and give it some warmth, but it returns to the pier again. The dog hopes that the owner will return and take him away, but this doesn’t happen.

Caring people posted the dog’s photo on social networks. They hoped that the owner would see the photo and return for the pet, but this didn’t happen. The man abandoned his dog on purpose. Days, months and years passed. The dog realized that the owner wouldn’t return for him and he was disappointed in people.

One woman watched the dog daily. Her heart was breaking with pity for the dog. She won the dog’s trust and took the animal into her home. The woman named the dog Pierce.

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