The dog who lived in the garbage can looked hopefully at passers-by

Passers-by noticed Oscar in an overturned trash can.It turns out that the dog had already lived there for some time. The poor fellow was collecting leftovers and only looked hopefully at every passing by.

A homeless dog in Kentucky, USA, lived in a garbage can.He constantly eating leftovers, until one day his fate changed. He was spotted by local residents who contacted the Lexington-Fayette Animal Control Rescue Center. When the volunteers came to him, at first the dog was afraid of them.

But fortunately, after several try the staff managed to draw the dog out. He was given the nickname Oscar and taken to a shelter. The dog didn’t have any particular health problems, but he needed care and attention. Apparently, once the owners left him to the mercy of fate. After all despite living on the street he trusted people, and it seems that he lived in the house at the best of times.

In addition, it turned out that Oscar has a wonderful character. The dog is kind, sweet and affectionate. He loves to make new friends, explore the area, and is very fond of attention. They have already begun to look for permanent owners for him.And the employees are sure that this boy awaits the brightest future.

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