The dog yearned in the shelter and his face expressed resentment for the whole world

This cute dog looked darker than the night while at the shelter. His cute face expressed sadness and resentment. It seemed that the pet was so disappointed with life that it was about to leave this world, dying of longing. Fortunately, his life was about to change…

Alena Sitnikova went to the shelter to give a home to some dog. Of course, it was impossible not to notice the universal sadness of an already middle-aged dog. The girl wanted to shelter this particular “hairy”, and on the same day she took him to a new home.

In just one night, the dog, who was given the nickname Archie, has undergone dramatic changes! The pet turned out to be the most cheerful baby Alena has ever seen. In the orphanage, he was barely dragging his paws, moving slowly like an old man, and at home he suddenly began to jump from happiness and overflowing emotions.

Archie has another cute trait: he licks something all the time. No matter how you look at the tomboy, he licks his paws or goes to the hostess to “wash” her hands, face or neck. It is almost impossible to stop the dog! And if you give Archie a soft toy, he gladly switches his attention to it. Sometimes he even falls asleep, holding a teddy bear in his mouth and hugging him with his paws.

Here is such a unique dog got into the house of a girl! It seems that he pulled out his “lucky ticket” and now he will never have to be sad again.

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