The dog’s owner went to the post office and she was freezing in the bitter cold…

Severe frosts cause severe discomfort and harm not only to people, but also to pets. We can say that the wool protects them, however, there is a threshold of sub-zero temperatures at which winter becomes quite dangerous for the animal.

The man was just walking down the street doing his business and suddenly saw a dog that was standing on the sidewalk and trembling. At the same time, she was tied up at the post office and could not move or take shelter somewhere to warm up a little.

Most likely, the owner of the pet had business at the post office and they lasted a long time and he tied the dog on the street, not even realizing that it was freezing cold outside, up to minus 20, which wouldn’t have the best effect on the pet’s well-being.

But a young man passing by couldn’t remain indifferent. He sat down next to him and began to hug the dog so that it warmed up a little and so he warmed it until the irresponsible owner returned.

Without the participation of a kind man, the dog could have caught a serious cold. And we urge you not to do this and not leave your animals outside in winter, as severe frosts can have very serious consequences for their health.

If you see your pet start to whine and its limbs and ears are cold, then find every opportunity to warm up the animal, even if it is a random dog on the street.

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