The elephant could hardly walk and with the last of her strength came to ask for help from people

Residents of one of the Indian villages once found an elephant not far from them. The animal was exhausted to the limit. The elephant’s legs looked just awful. She came to the village intentionally, as if looking for help from people.

The elephant lay alone in the field, to which people came and found her. She seemed to be specifically looking for people, apparently assuming that they were able to provide her with the necessary assistance. The animal could barely walk, it was clear that each step was given with great effort.

People called representatives of the Wildlife SOS a rescue center and the elephant was taken to a veterinary clinic specializing in the treatment of wild animals. It was difficult to look at the legs of the unfortunate beast without tears.

The elephant was named Zara. Experts found out that she was only 21 years old. The animal developed osteoarthritis, which hits the forelimbs very hard. One of the legs was affected by an abscess. And, as if this wasn’t enough, it became obvious to the doctors that once the elephant had broken her leg, after which her bone didn’t grow together as it should.

The goal of the doctors was to restore the limbs. The forelegs were given laser therapy to speed up healing. The elephant also received antibiotics and painkillers.

Zara could not stand up and, in general, was in a very serious condition. She didn’t resist when she underwent numerous procedures and put on drips, which had a positive effect on the speed of her recovery. Zara recovered quickly and soon she was able to be relocated to the territory of the reserve.

As soon as Zara managed to get back on her feet normally, she was taken to the river so that she could bathe. The elephant was incredibly happy.She splashed in the water for an hour, sincerely enjoying what was happening.

At the moment, Zara lives in the reserve, she has her own aviary there. Her life is easy and happy, the staff provides her with everything she needs. The elephant especially loves to eat watermelons.

Zara’s legs have not yet fully recovered, however, when she finishes the course of treatment, she will be released.

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