The emaciated and sick dog wandered to the family’s dacha. People didn’t run her away, but began to care

Tatyana Prostakova named her pets with rather characteristic nicknames։ The king and the princess, which fully reflects the attitude of her family towards pets.

Prostakovs gave so much love and care to pets that they blossomed, literally before the eyes and gained a chance to live the life that they were originally deprived of.

After all, once Rex and Veta were in a very difficult situation and weren’t among the lucky pets. First, the family adopted Veta. When six years ago they learned the story of the unfortunate baby , they regretted it so much that they decided to take it from the shelter and their plans didn’t include having another pet.

But circumstances changed and after a certain period of time they also became the owners of the wonderful dog Rex, who was chosen not by them, but by him. Three years ago they went to the summer house and it was there that the emaciated and weak dog wandered.

Tanya didn’t remain indifferent to the animal in such a state and let the poor thing into the house and began to actively treat him. At first, she and her family decided that as soon as the dog was cured, they would find other owners for him.However, during this time they managed to become attached to him so much that they left him to live with them.

The woman, jokingly, says that their entire family is the subjects of dogs and is very glad that she was able to give joy to such wonderful pets.

We hope that more people will follow their example.

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