The faithful dog runs like a bullet after an ambulance that is taking away his mistress. He insisted that they take him too

Dogs have proven the loyalty and devotion of their nature more than once. Until the end of their days, they love their owners with all their hearts and are very attached to them. That is what happened in this case as well.

This story took place in Turkey, in the city of Buyukada. One of the residents began to feel unwell and had to call an ambulance, and while the doctors were helping her, the faithful dog sat nearby and watched what was happening with great attention.

But in the end, the doctors still decided to hospitalize the patient in an ambulance.The pet was not ready to part with his mistress.But doctors did not have the right to let him into the ambulance and then the animal started to run after the car.

The faithful pet did not return home. He stood at the door of the hospital and patiently waited for his beloved mistress. And only when she got better, the dog was able to eat something, became cheerful and animatedly waving his tail.

This story proves once again that a dog is a human’s best friend. For the good done, our four-legged brothers will answer triple and will always be there, providing assistance and support to their owners.

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