The family found abandoned kittens in the cold..

A family living in Canada one frosty winter morning found three abandoned kittens right on the porch. The mother cat was not around and she never returned for the cubs.

One kitten, unfortunately, did not survive. He was severely frozen and could not be saved. The family took the other two kittens home and nursed them as best they could. The babies were fed from a bottle and made a bed covered with a warm blanket.

At that time, the cubs were no more than a month old and were severely emaciated. The kittens were named Tommy and Amelie. They weighed exactly half less than their age. They were also very weak and even raised their heads with difficulty.

However, the desire to live of the cubs was great and they fought as best they could. Brother and sister were inseparable, and as soon as one of them departed, the second began to cry and look for another.

Good care gave its results.. The kids began to eat with great appetite and gain weight. They still have stomach problems, but they are recovering early.

Kittens slept for a very long time to restore strength and complete recovery.

Then the family found a foster mother who fed them regularly. In just two weeks, the kittens caught up with their peers in weight. We are very happy that these kids have found loving owners.

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