The forester took pity on the hungry she-wolf. Two months later the three wolves thanked him

On a cold winter day, the forester met a she-wolf, who was on the face of complete exhaustion. In the forest in winter, finding food turns into a real test.And the unfortunate animal, which was already desperate, realized that there was nothing to lose and approached the lodge.

At first, the forester named Styopa was frightened, and then he nevertheless took pity on the she-wolf. He, like no one else, knew well how hard it’s to find food in the forest in winter.

The she-wolf came a couple more times and the villagers began to panic when they learned that Stepan decided to feed the predator.

They feared that she might steal their cattle, but an experienced forester explained to them that it was much more dangerous if the animal was hungry.And then it would become dangerous not only for the cattle, but also for the inhabitants of nearby villages themselves.

With the onset of spring, the she-wolf stopped coming but the forester was already used to her. With the coming of the warm season there was already plenty of food. People from the villages calmed down, but the forester himself felt sad because he had already managed to become attached to his girlfriend.

However, by the end of April the she-wolf ran to visit him once more.We note that this time she didn’t appear alone,she was with her cubs. The forester realized that not only she ate meat, but also fed her wolf cubs.

Gratitude was visible in the eyes of the predators.So he didn’t see his forest she-wolf again.

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