The “garbage” cat was found in a bag among the waste. He was rescued at the last moment

How many lives does a cat have? Nine or still one, just sometimes some of the pets are lucky and they survive in any conditions? Our furry hero today has clearly used one of his cat lives.

It was in the Ulyanovsk region. Waste recycling plant workers managed to save the cat at the very last moment.Someone mocked the animal by putting it in a bag and then sending it on the last “journey” to the trash can.

After some time the pet got to the garbage sorting complex for the processing of municipal solid waste of Gorkomkhoz LLC. Quite by accident the poor was discovered by one of the workers.

When the bag was on the sorting belt in front of the man, he decided to open it.What was his surprise when he saw a cat that was barely alive, frightened and had already said goodbye to his life.

But the pet was found just in time, because after a few seconds the bag could end up in the separator.

The story quickly became popular throughout the Ulyanovsk region. Nature Minister Gulnara Rakhmatulina offered to take the cat directly to the department. The cat was offered a fixed place of residence and in addition an important, albeit unofficial position. Now the pet performs the duties of Deputy Minister of Nature.

Of course, the unfortunate cat was shown to the vet. After the examination the doctor said that the poor used to be at home and after everything he had experienced, he was quite healthy. In addition, he was quite plump, so we can only guess who and why did him such a terrible way.

The cat was treated for parasites and soon he will receive all the necessary vaccinations.

The only problem is finding a nickname for the animal. All caring residents were invited to take part in the competition to choose a name for the rescued lucky man.

What would you name it? Offer your variants in the comments!

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