The girl helped a60-gram kitten to get healthy

Stories of premature kittens usually end very badly. They rarely survive and are very weak.

It isn’t uncommon for them to gain weight poorly due to digestive problems.

In addition, the lack of wool makes them completely defenseless. Babies cannot even hold their heads on their own and grow much more slowly than their full-term counterparts.

But one day a post on Facebook stated that a premature kitten, which was abandoned by the mother cat, needs care and attention. A girl named Debbie Timmis wasn’t afraid of such responsibility and decided to help the baby.

She understood that the baby had very few chances, but she was ready to do anything to help him.

The girl needed help because when she saw the kitten, its weight was 60 grams and there was no hair on the skin at all. The vets warned Debbie that the kitten might not survive, but what happened next shocked her.

The baby’s breathing slowed down a lot, the tongue turned white, and the skin became an incomprehensible color.
The girl tried to give the kitten a heart massage, and he seemed to come to life. For the next fortnight, the girl fed the baby every two hours.

The girl named Freya. Baby Freya turned out to be so inquisitive that she explores everything around, while she loves to purr loudly.
Debbie chose such a name for the kitten for a reason.

According to Norse mythology, this was the name of the goddess of love and beauty. And probably the best name for such a strong and beautiful baby you can’t imagine.

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