The girl left a good job in the city and moved to the outback for the sake of homeless dogs

Maria was professionally engaged in photography, and was also a video operator. She had a good income from her work, but suddenly decided to open a shelter for stray dogs. Her decision shocked all her friends and relatives. And the reason was not only that leaving the city life and high-paying jobs for the sake of animals looks strange.

What was more surprising was that the girl had previously had a strong fear of dogs. The grandmother, who raised her, from an early age inspired that it was dogs that spread numerous infections.

One day, after a hard week, Maria went with friends for a picnic, barbecue, and there she met a dog that ran up to her and buried her muzzle in her leg.

It was from this incident that the fear of dogs disappeared, on the contrary, she really wanted to help dogs that were in trouble.

At first, she provided financial assistance to a number of shelters, and also took pictures of pets from the shelter and posted them on social networks to give them a chance to find caring owners.

Then she already sheltered seven dogs, but then the crisis came and the orders from the girl began to practically equal zero.

She and her husband decided to start living in their country house, which was much more convenient given the number of pets that were extremely difficult to keep in an apartment.

In the future, there were even more dogs, and so, over time, their number only increased and there were almost a hundred of them. Among them were animals with defects։ blind, deaf, having different degrees of disability.

Maria managed to find a remote job at home and now has enough time to take care of numerous dogs. Naturally, it takes a lot of money to buy food for so many animals, but she does not pay attention to this and she does everything to provide care for dogs in need.

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