The girl lost her beloved pet, and after a couple of years she got a job at a shelter…whom she met there

Hannah was still a baby when a beautiful black and white kitten named Spanky appeared in the house. The girl immediately fell in love with the cat, she became his real mistress, showing care and attention to her pet. The kitten also loved the girl more than the rest, recognizing in her his real mistress.

The kitten and Hannah grew up together, but after a while a misfortune happened.The cat disappeared. No one saw the cat leave the house and did not know what caused it, but Spanky never returned. Hannah and her family spent a lot of time looking for a pet, but they did not bring results. After a few months, the family came to terms with their loss.

Years passed, Hannah grew up and completed her studies. Immediately after receiving her diploma, she got a job at the city’s only animal shelter. The girl was very worried before her first working day, but no one could believe what happened that day.

Hana examined the cats in the cages and suddenly, one of them caught her attention. Their cells looked at the girl Spanky. Hana had not seen her pet for three years, but she recognized him immediately. The meeting between the cat and his owner was very emotional.

He got to the shelter only a couple of weeks before the girl got a job there. Spanky immediately found a new home, but soon the owners returned him back to the shelter. Now the cat lives again with the girl with whom he grew up.

Hana took the cat to the veterinarian who chipped him. Now, even if the cat goes for a walk, it will not be so difficult to find him. Spanky immediately remembered his home, his beloved mistress and her parents, and is again happy with them.

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