The girl noticed a stir under the car’s body. There was a frightened dog…

Once in winter, Zarina Plieva went out to her car to go on biz. The girl noticed some stirring under the body and bending down saw a dog under the car.

The poor thing must have been cold outside and found a place to warm up. So Zarina tried to lure the animal out from under the car in every possible way.But the baby didn’t want to get out of the shelter. When the girl still managed to drive the cur, she quickly darted under another car.

Zarina thought about what would happen to the dog next. She understood that someone might simply not notice her under the car and drive, crushing the baby with wheels.

The girl decided to take the animal home at least for the night. But the dog was so sweet and obedient that Zarina just fell in love with her. Since then have passed two years as Mishutka (the new nickname of the animal) lives with her beloved mistress.

The dog is very calm, but at the same time playful. The girl doesn’t worry at all when she leaves her at home alone, since Mishutka never plays pranks. Now the dog is about seven years old and she will meet her old age in a warm house next to a loving and caring hostess.

Looking at her affectionate pet the girl is once again convinced that she did the right thing by sheltering her. After all, who knows what would have happened that day with Mishutka who was hiding under the back of a car?

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