The girl saved the foxes, which were living exhibits and now they are best friends

Kimberly is a wildlife rescue program organizer. She keeps 15 foxes in her backyard. Among ordinary foxes, Kim has an unusual pair. Tandra, a red fox with black and white coloration, and Cleo, an arctic fox. These foxes are not found together in the wild, but they became a pair with Kimberly.

Tandra and Cleo were also exhibits, but accepted their fate in different ways. Tandra was aggressive and always tried to attack or bite Kimberly until he realized that the girl was helping him.

Arctic fox Cleo, on the other hand, was extremely scared.She screamed all the time and huddled into a ball if Kimberly tried to pet the animal. Then the girl decided to settle this difficult pair together.

Kimberly realized that in addition to communication, these foxes need love, affection and a friendly shoulder.

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