The girl stumbled upon a fluffy ball of baby koalas, which she miraculously managed to save from the roadway

We are no longer particularly surprised at conflicts between people, even if it gradually develops into a fight, but now it’s not about that, but about a funny scene on one of the highways in Australia, which was witnessed by a girl named Sharon Brashley.

She was walking and right in the middle of the road, in the carriageway, she came across a very strange fluffy lump and didn’t remain indifferent. She slowed down and went out to examine the details.

As she got closer, she realized that it was not a lump at all, but two small koalas that were either playing or fighting. She realized that this wasn’t the best place for a fight because the next vehicle might simply not notice them, and she began to act.

It would be unwise to leave them on the road, especially since a large truck was already approaching them. The girl began to wave her hands to the driver and give him signs to turn off the road.

A minute later, a truck drove past the kids at high speed. Then Sharon approached the cubs and tried to separate them and make them leave this risky place. Angry, the girl even yelled at them to scare the unlucky animals for their own good.

And, oddly enough, it worked.A couple of seconds later the koalas changed their minds and left the road. They started chasing each other.So the most importantly, they were safe and the girl arrived in time to help, driving them into the bushes.

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