The girl through the window saw the children dragging a snow-white cat around the yard by a rope

When the girl looked out the window, she immediately noticed how the boys were dragging a rope, to the second end of which a cat was tied. The picture was so strange that the girl did not even immediately believe her eyes. The cat tried to resist and made attempts to run away, but she was well attached and could not resist the actions of stronger children.

The girl immediately noticed that the cat did not look like a stray.Her hair was too clean and snow-white. It is possible that in such an unusual way the guys just wanted to walk their pet. There were three boys, they looked to be between 7 and 9 years old, which means they should have already understood that their actions hurt the cat.

When she reached the tree, the boys had already thrown the end of the rope over the branch, and the cat’s paws left the ground as she struggled to breathe air herself. When the girl grabbed the animal and pulled it out of the noose, the cat clung to it and, apparently, did not plan to let go, realizing that she might not have a second chance for salvation.

The children scolded the girl, who interrupted their cruel fun, with a foul language, and, in order not to answer to adults for what they had done, they quickly fled.

The cat ended up in foster care, where she was named Rosalia. The girl had fantastically beautiful eyes.

A feature of Rosalia in the scientific world is called heterochromia. One of the cat’s eyes is a surprisingly bright blue, and the other is a warm yellow. With her gaze, Rosalia can not only attract attention, but, it seems, also hypnotize. It seems that a cat with such a piercing look can predict the future or guess the past, although Rosalia would prefer to forget her own past forever.

Very soon, this girl had a new home and a family that crossed out all bad memories with her love and care.

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