The girl took the cub as a pet and he behaves almost like a dog

Alida, a girl from Ufa, keeps a pet cub named Kira at home.

She shared that she originally intended to take a wolf-dog cross and looked for the animal everywhere and across the country, only three kennels offered her a choice.

She chose a nursery that bred Malamutes. Moreover, Kira is not an orphan, she has a mother — a she-wolf, who was domesticated and it was she who gave birth to Kira, who is 25 percent a dog, and everything else she has from wolf genes.

The wolf cub grew up very socialized and was constantly surrounded by people. Kira was brought up just like a puppy, and despite the fact that she is more like a wolf, as a species, she has puppy habits, and her character is appropriate.

Kira’s owner, Alida, spends a lot of time with the pet, she trains him, provides proper care, educates him, and for more than a year, Kira has never given her owner any problems.

Alida walks her unusual pet only in a muzzle and on a leash to avoid excesses. But in general, Kira shows friendliness to those who treat her well, but is indifferent to the rest.

The girl intends to wait until Kira grows up a bit and start breeding domestic wolves. Would you dare to have a wolf at home? Write in the comments.

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