The girl took the puppy home and a couple of hours later discovered his illness

This girl lost her beloved pet Kuzya and for a long time she could not survive the loss. It was for this reason that she did not want to adopt a new dog for a long time. Moreover, a pet appeared in her life quite suddenly.

Somehow Evgenia saw a post on a social network. People tried to attach two charming little dogs. And for the first time, after Kuzi died, something in her heart skipped a beat and she realized that she was ready to take a new pet.

Zhenya took home a baby named Dusty. Moreover, it should be noted that both dogs, at first sight, were healthy. But Dusty slept too much. At first, the girl thought that the dog was stressed. But after a few hours it became obvious that the dog was clearly unwell.

Zhenya took her to the vet and he suspected parvovirus. The girl firmly decided to fight for the life of a new pet. She strictly followed all the indications of the doctor and did not leave the dog for a minute. And her efforts were not in vain, Evgenia managed to save Dusty and she is very happy that she was able to save the life of a charming little girl and now she makes her happy every day.

Unfortunately, the dog’s sister was diagnosed with the same illness and it was not possible to save her, despite the fact that the volunteers did their best to recover the little one. And from this it becomes even more obvious what work Zhenya did in the fight for Dusty’s life.

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