The goose and the pony shared a difficult past and it brought them closer. Now friends are inseparable

This summer, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in the US state of Pennsylvania began to receive displeasures from random citizens. It turned out that there is a place that has already gained a bad reputation. People said that the animals are kept there in appalling conditions.

Employees quickly rushed to the rescue to save the unfortunate animals and, as the director of the organization assured, there were no elementary conditions for life. Among the animals that were rescued, the funny and unexpected pair of pony Waffles and a goose with the literary nickname Hemingway deserve the most attention.

Everyone saw that despite the different species, there is a very close connection between these animals, which can be called a real friendship.

Now they live in a shelter, where there are all the necessary conditions for the animals to feel comfortable and there they began to reach out to each other even more and get closer. The staff says that the couple looks extremely happy. They adapted very quickly and are now enjoying their new life with might and main.

It is a pleasure to watch them, goose and ponies show miracles of care and attention to each other. At first, the staff were skeptical about this interspecies friendship, until one of them accidentally looked into the stall and saw a goose hugging a pony.

By the way, Waffle initially needed treatment, but Hemingway refused to let her go, which made the treatment process quite difficult. Incredible, isn’t it?

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