The guy heard a squeak and then he saw a cardboard box in which were crying 6 tiny puppies

The world isn’t without good people. When someone gets rid of kittens and puppies that become unnecessary, there are those who come to the rescue and save little pets from death.

Alexander Suntsov has become one of those caring people who aren’t indifferent to the fate of animals. A young man, walking along the street, heard a squeak near the garbage heap. Suspecting something was wrong, he came closer and immediately noticed a cardboard box in which six tiny lumps were moving. They were palm-sized puppies. And who threw them away remains a mystery.

Alexander couldn’t pass by the kids in trouble. The guy immediately posted an ad on social networks.And almost on the same day good hands were found for four kids. Sasha took home the two smallest puppies. The young man and his family began to feed their pets from a pacifier every two hours.The crumbs began to quickly gain weight.

One of the pets soon found wonderful owners, and the smallest one remained to live in Alexander’s family. Now the puppy’s name is Graf, and he recently turned seven months old. Now he weighs seven kilograms, while the cat living in the family weighs six and a half kilograms.

Thanks to Alexander for participating in the fate of abandoned animals!

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