The guy saved the life of a wild goose cub. Then she decided to stay and always flies next to the owner

Two years ago, Michael was boating on a lake in his home state of Oregon when he rescued a wild goose that had been abandoned by his mother. But then he could not even suspect what this noble deed would turn into.

At that time, the cub was not even able to move independently and that’s why the guy closed him home. Mike decided to keep him until he was older and stronger. The gosling was a girl and they named her Kyle.

The girl turned out to be very sociable and adapted well to the new conditions and seemed to feel great. She especially liked to walk by the lake and swim there. Michael first trained her a little to master this skill in the bath.

With quite a bit of training, Kyle became an excellent swimmer and quickly grew into a real beauty. She became a 5-kg luxurious goose and then the man decided that it was time for her to return to her natural habitat.

However, something didn’t go according to plan. The bird was in no hurry to fly away. She chose to settle down near the owner’s house. At every opportunity, the goose drives around the city with a businesslike look with Michael.This is one of her favorite activities.

She may also fly to the owner to work and sit next to her, and also take a walk on the lawn while he is resting or come to a meeting with friends.

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