The guy saved the little kitten, which was freezing on the street

One day a man was returning home after a busy day at work. He wanted to have dinner and repair the TV but fate decreed otherwise. The man noticed a tiny gray kitten on the side of the road. The baby was lying on the wet pavement and shivering from the cold.

He unbuttoned his jacket, took the little creature and hid it in his bosom. When they came home, the man realized that he would have to cancel all plans. He devoted his free time to saving the foundling.

The man warmed the baby, and then fed.

At first, the baby was even afraid to open his eyes, but after a while he realized that nothing threatened him and relaxed. A few minutes later he was drinking milk from a bowl with pleasure.

The next day the man took the foundling and went with him to the veterinary clinic. There it turned out that there was no threat to the life of the cat. The only problem is the lack of weight. The kitten was emaciated and weakened.

From that day on the man found a true friend. The cat never left his side for a second. The kid saw off to work and met after a hard day’s work. Also, he slept with his savior.

Too much time has passed already. Now this isn’t a kitten, but an adult cat. He grew a long mustache and his body was covered with shiny beautiful hair.

The cat likes to sleep on the windowsill, he constantly purrs like a small running tractor. The man didn’t regret for a second that he had taken the kitten back then. Now they are happy together.

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