The guy temporarily sheltered the dog, but the other day he saved his life. Now the owner is faced with a question ..

A dog from Kyiv named Sheri wasn’t very lucky with the owners. People regularly forgot about her existence, so she had to run away from the yard to find food for herself.

Over time, Sheri turned into an almost homeless dog.
Soon the poor fell into the hands of volunteers. Such a life didn’t pass without a trace. Sheri had health problems. Animal rights activists began treating the dog and looking for new owners for it.

Sheri really needed attention from a person, because before she really lacked this.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to find a home for the poor fellow but the family of Alexei agreed to shelter her for a month. Sheri immediately found a common language with her temporary owner.

The dog from the first day trusted Alexei, she obeyed him unconditionally and carried out his commands.

When Aleksey agreed to shelter Sheri, he couldn’t even imagine how important this decision was. When it was coming to an end, the dog saved the life of a Kiev resident.


Alexey walked with Sheri near the lake. Suddenly, a man ran up to him, knocked him down and put a knife to his throat.

The dog reacted instantly. She rushed at the criminal, knocked him down and made him drop the knife.Fortunately, neither Alexei nor Sheri were hurt.

Alexey would be glad to keep Sheri forever, because he owes his life to this dog. But, unfortunately, he and his family are forced to leave.

We hope that the four-legged heroine will have a good owner very soon. Although everyone who knows this story believes that such an intelligent dog should remain in the family.

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