The guy took a picture of hugging homeless cats and these photos leave no one indifferent

Cats are very friendly, affectionate and kind animals. A cat’s melody helps a person recover from stressful situations and other life difficulties.

We bring to your attention a few photos of cats that will show how they can be friends with their own kind of creatures, and not only.

These two cats live in Turkey, and the photographer’s camera fell on them quite by accident. It is noticeable that this couple has been together for a long time. Cats are allowed to walk anywhere in the city. And looking at their happy faces, they will enjoy filming.

In Turkish cities, small houses for cats are everywhere. They calmly walk around restaurants and cafes. Here, every resident can lure this four-legged animal. Turkish cats are not afraid of people.

Look how the cat climbed on the man’s neck and dangled his paws. Locals will never offend cats, because they are so beautiful.

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