The heartbreaking story of Sudan’s last male white rhino

Unfortunately, despite the development of civilization and the awareness of modern society, poaching is still an urgent problem and entire species of animals are on the verge of destruction due to human thirst for profit.

This happened with a rare species of white rhinoceros, of which only two females have survived — Fatu and Najin.

And the last male, Sudan, died three years ago. He was very old, at that time he was 45 years old. In recent years, his health has deteriorated sharply, he began to walk with difficulty due to the heavy load on the bones, because over time they became not so strong.

In addition, a wound began to fester on his hind leg, and no medicines could stop this process.So the unfortunate man suffered from severe pain. It is for this reason that the reserve staff decided to euthanize the giant in order to prevent his suffering.

Sudan, along with one male and four females, was caught when he was two years old and taken to one of the zoos in the Czech Republic in 1975. Then there were another 700 individuals of white rhinos.However, in just a couple of years, poaching activities destroyed them all.

Over the years, Sudan has become a father twice. In 1983, the Nabire rhinoceros was born, who lived until 2015.In 1989 Najin was born, and Fatu is the granddaughter of Sudan.

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