The hero dog swims into the lake to save the fawn

Dogs are heroic animals. They can feel the danger and save not only people, but also deer.

So a dog named Harley noticed an animal drowning in the lake near his owner’s house.

The dog’s owner,Ralph could not find his dog.

Surprisingly, he finally saw him in the lake next to a fawn.It was a rather unusual scene, but Ralph knew what to expect from his four-legged friend. He began to lead the poor deer back to the shore.

Ralph had no idea how the fawn ended up in the middle of the lake. Then the fawn’s mother returned for her child. Harley was pleased with his work!

But it was something Harley would do for children and animals because he is a therapy dog. This affectionate dog has had a kind heart since childhood.

The story doesn’t end there. The next day Ralph noticed that the dog is worried. He was trying to open the main door. When the owner looked out from behind the door, it turned out that Harley saw his deer friend.Of course, he let Harley go out and see him.

Soon they touched their noses. It was a way for the fawn to express its gratitude! Then she returned to her mother.

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