The heroine dog protected the girl from a rattlesnake and she herself was injured

Dogs are considered to be human’s best friends for a reason. Often even the closest people are not ready to sacrifice themselves for you, unlike a dog who will do it without hesitation.

So, this Florida family adopted a dog named House, a German Shepherd recently, about two months ago. However, when a seven-year-old girl, the daughter of the owners, got into trouble, House rushed to help without hesitation.

Molly was playing in the yard and suddenly a rattlesnake crawled up to the girl. The dog noticed this in time and immediately rushed to the rescue, standing between Molly and the snake.

The dog risked himself but didn’t retreat protecting the girl. Then he himself who had already saved the girl, needed urgent help and the whole area raised money for an antidote and treatment.

It was collected 15 thousand dollars on the very first day and then the amount exceeded 50 thousand dollars.

Fortunately House managed to be saved.He is in rehabilitation and he finally recovers, since the rattler poison affected the condition of his kidneys.

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