The horse and the cat have been friends for seven years and the mustachioed walks on it every day))

A resident of Australia, Jennifer Boyle doesn’t get enough sleep even on weekends. Since every morning her pet, a cat named Morris, urges her to take him to his closest and dearest friend Champy’s horse.

Morris and Champy’s incredible friendship is about to turn eight years old.So it’s safe to say that this friendship has stood the test of time. We agree that even for friendship between people this is a considerable period.

Morris was once a homeless cat, then ended up in a shelter. Jennifer took the cat from the shelter and the horse Champi immediately adopted him and made friends. The cat immediately jumped on his back and they began to walk. And until now, the walk of a horse and a cat on horseback has become an unchanged and constant morning ritual.

Most often, Morris jumps on his horse’s back from the fence of the yard.And it’s for this reason that the hostess’s friends jokingly called this place in the yard «bus stop». As soon as Champi notices his friend at that very “bus stop”, he stops and waits for the cat.

Residents of the town are already familiar with the unusual couple and greet them with pleasure, as well as take pictures and share on social networks. Agree that this is an incredibly cute and funny picture.

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