The kitten screamed in horror for two days and called for help

Mars was took by her husband.
Between the blank wall and the chain-link fence, the distance is about 10 cm. That’s where climbed the kitten of a homeless cat . The cat-mother was torn between a screaming child in a trap and the rest of the children.

In the end, the unfortunate mother made a choice between the poor kitten and the rest of the children, she left. And the child screamed and called for help for two days.

Only 3 weeks old!There were weekends.There was no one on the territory, except for the watchmen, they said.

I can’t imagine how a 90-kilogram uncle (spouse) managed to get a baby. The child at home didn’t sleep for two days, he was afraid. You touch it, and it falls on its side, then rises up, staggers on uncertain paws and its eyes close by themselves.

In general, the fact remains that the crows didn’t peck at the child, he didn’t die of hunger, but lives with us. Moreover, I adore him even humanize him but..

For Mars, dad is everything! It’s strange, because he shouldn’t remember anything, but only dad’s (exclusively!) key in the lock turns.The cat starts a real tantrum and then hugs and kisses and impossible happiness …

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