The kitty was crying quietly, trying to hide from everyone under the bus

The little kitten was hiding under the bus, being very scared and beaten. But he needed help incredibly, so the kitten cried endlessly.

This situation took place in North Carolina, USA. Transport company employees suddenly saw a small cat right under one of the buses. The baby screamed, sitting over the wheel, obviously asking someone to help her. People heard her before the bus left. Otherwise, everything could have ended much worse.

People contacted the rescuers, who arrived as quickly as they could. Stephanie, a volunteer, said that the kitty apparently spent at least a night in her place, which is why she cried as loudly as her strength allowed.

The baby did not want to go out to the volunteers who wanted to help her. People decided to lure her out with food, and it worked.The cat thought a little more, but still came out to the smell. She was very hungry.

Stephanie took the kitty in her arms and she immediately stopped screaming. The presence of this woman seemed to comfort her. Therefore, it was she who took the girl to her, deciding that she herself should take care of her and ensure her safety.

The little cat was named Polly. She was very dirty and thin. Her weight was too low for her age. Stephanie immediately washed Polly and put her to bed. The baby was incredibly grateful and purred all the time to express it.

The very next day, Polly was happily playing with Stephanie. No tests could break this beautiful animal.The cat remained active and lively. This was good news.

Stephanie began to look for new owners for Polly. One family was so touched by the story of this cat that they immediately wrote to the woman, expressing their desire to take Polly to them.

Polly stayed with her new family. Her life is now joyful and calm, people treat her well. They took her in for foster care but maybe they’ll keep her for good. After all, Polly is a really beautiful cat.

In any case, they did very well, giving this little girl a roof over her head and care.

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