The largest cat sanctuary in California..700 cats live in one place

Cat House on the Kings River (Fresno, California) is a real paradise for homeless cats. There are sofas, tables, armchairs and countless trees. First-time visitors often experience a slight shock when they enter the cat kingdom.

Cats are literally everywhere.The reserve is a permanent home for many elderly and HIV-infected cats.

The Cat House was founded over 23 years ago, during which time the staff and volunteers have done a tremendous job. At least 23,000 cats and 7,000 dogs have been rescued. Butt the numbers are not final!

This is an incredibly valuable investment for Fresno County, where approximately 65,000 animals are euthanized each year.

Lineo Lattanzio, owner and founder of the reserve, gave her former house to her four-legged friends. About 50,000 m² of private property is at the disposal of the animals.

Despite the stern look, this baby is very friendly. They get along really well and it’s amazing.

You can sit near the Kings River and enjoy the view if you don’t mind having several cats on your lap at once.

Here you can adopt absolutely any cat, each person will surely meet his favorite friend. Perhaps this unique, multi-colored eyed boy will find a loving family tomorrow.

Many visitors support the Cat House with their donations. Thanks to kind people and volunteers, hundreds of cats continue to live.

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