The lioness had almost no chance, but she was rescued from her cruel master. She miraculously recovered and found love

Wild animals should live a full life. Sometimes they are transferred to nature reserves, where conditions are close to their natural habitat and do not limit their freedom.They must live exactly the life that is predetermined for them by nature.

But there are people who bring great suffering to these beautiful animals, both physical and moral.

Kan and Sheila, the heroes of our story, had to experience the same thing. But they were lucky and good people came to their aid.

Leo Keng suffered from malnutrition and had the tip of his tail torn off. However, it turned out to be curable.And Ken didn’t interfere with the process and remained friendly to people.

But the lioness Sheila’s condition was even worse.She became lethargic, refused food and no longer gave her a chance to be saved.But the Texas Wildlife Center staff didn’t even think to give up and lose hope.

The owner of the lions bought them and rented them out for photo shoots and parties.But treated them horribly and now his license was taken away and he was forbidden to keep exotic animals.

The lion and lioness were rescued before it was too late. The male lion Kahn recovered, but the female lioness Sheila had little chance of surviving.

The rescue team didn’t abandon the poor thing. They looked after her for two weeks and gave her as much help as possible. She miraculously recovered and was reunited with Ken.

It was love at first sight. They met again after such a hard trip and it marked the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Now they are inseparable and happy, because love can heal all diseases.

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