The little dog was very hurt, he sat and cried. But a kind girl came to the rescue

What happened to this baby, no one knows for sure. But he had a broken pelvis. We can’t conclude that this is the work of human hands, since it could simply fall from somewhere.

This dog was recently born on the street to the same mongrel mother and nothing good shone in her life, especially considering the injury.

However, a girl appeared who nevertheless extended a helping hand to him, having heard the squeak of a puppy during a walk. She gave the baby the nickname Nima and very quickly went to show her to the veterinarian and was there all this time.

Fortunately, the veterinarian was a professional and a very kind person who helped Nima to his feet, in the literal sense of the word. The dog has almost recovered and has become older and began to think about what to do next.

She saw that her grandparents became very attached to the dog and she gave the wonderful Nima to pensioners who love their pet very much.

Now Nima lives with her owners and is very happy with them. She, due to her small age, completely forgot her difficult past. She is taken out for a walk every day, then her paws are cleaned, combed and pampered with goodies.

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