The man did not pass by and saved the puppy with a muzzle rewound with scotch tape

Alex was sitting at home and watching TV, but at some point the man wanted something tasty, and he decided to go to the nearest store. It was about three kilometers from Alex’s house to the store, but he decided not to use the car, but to combine shopping with a pleasant walk.

Passing along the bridge over a small river, the man heard strange sounds. The man stopped and listened. The sound came from the direction of the water and was similar to the cry of an animal. It was already getting dark outside, so it was impossible to see something under the bridge. Alex turned on the flashlight he took with him and went down to the water. After wandering a little under the bridge, the man found the source of the sound, it turned out to be a puppy that was lying near the water, the baby’s muzzle was tightly wrapped with black tape.

Alex took the puppy in his arms and continued on his way, but now he was not going to the store, but to the nearest veterinary clinic, hoping that at this time she was still working. The man and his new ward were lucky, because they soon found a veterinarian who accepted them. Leaving the baby under the supervision of professionals, Alex still went to the store.

Doctors are convinced that the puppy spent more than one day on the street with scotch tape on its muzzle, so a red mark remained on its skin. Also, the baby was very hungry and, if help had not arrived in time, in a couple of days he would have died of exhaustion. Under the bridge, the baby also turned out to be not himself, most likely, he was thrown there from above, in the process of falling one of his paws was broken.

The manager of the veterinary clinic, who has been working there for more than 30 years, was struck by such cruelty towards the baby. She took some photos and wrote a post that helped the baby find a home. The woman’s post was seen by the Wittigns, who decided to help the puppy, especially since they recently buried their old dog, whom the family loved very much. So the baby found a new home and a new name — Louis. The family immediately fell in love with their new pet and he reciprocated them.

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