The man found his beloved dog after two years of disappearance. Their meeting will melt any heart

The dog Pakita went for a walk two years ago and got lost. One day, a passer-by noticed her and turned to the animal rescue service. Employees arrived at the place and took her to a shelter, and then began to look for a new home for her.

When they wanted to take a picture of Pakita to publish it on the website of the shelter, she was embarrassed and lowered her muzzle in embarrassment, but in the end they managed to do it.

And, when the picture was finally posted on the site, the woman called the shelter very quickly and stated that she knew the owner of the dog. Literally the next morning, the owner of Pakita arrived at the shelter and the meeting between the owner and the dog was incredibly touching.

Even two years later, the dog recognized its owner and immediately jumped into her arms. The woman who called the shelter was the mother of the dog’s owner. She knew that two years ago the animal ran away and Ariel was already desperate and lost hope of finding his pet, resigned to the loss.

At the same time Pakita first of all didn’t react to the face or voice of the owner, but sniffed and recognized exactly his smell. As you can see, no matter how much we criticize social networks and virtual reality, when used correctly, they bring a lot of good, and this story once again confirms this.

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