The man pushed the dog out of the car and drove off

A traffic CCTV camera recorded how the man stopped the car in a deserted place and left the dog there.

Then he got into the car and left and the animal ran after him, trying to catch up.

The dog ran after the car more than a kilometer. Exhausted, she returned to the place where she had been left. She sat for days in one place. They even managed to nickname her Hachiko. The dog didn’t want to eat, although the locals fed it.

One girl decided to help the dog. Mary realized after looking at the recordings from the cameras that the owner who left the pet wouldn’t return for him.

So Mary took care of the dog. At the police station she wrote a statement against this man to be punished for this vile act.

The girl managed to find out that the dog’s name was Jessica and she became unnecessary because she was old.

But Jessica will be fine. She will have a new home very soon.

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