The men pulled the kangaroo out of the icy water and he thanked them in his own way

Kangaroos are not at all as cute and friendly as they seem at first glance. For this reason, many locals are afraid to deal with them. However, these unusual animals are also very grateful.

David Boyd lives in Australia and recently he was walking along the shore of a local lake and suddenly heard very strange screams. The man realized that someone had landed in the lake water and could not get out of here.

David was already in a hurry to help, but suddenly noticed that there were two cyclists. They got off their bikes and climbed straight into the icy water of the lake, seeing a kangaroo in shock there. The guys went towards the animal and tried to attract its attention.

The kangaroo, seeing people, became even more nervous, turned his head towards her, but did not move. Then the men plucked up courage and approached the animal closely, grabbing it by the paws and pulling it ashore.

On the ground, the kangaroo became even more restless, however, David was already in time and began to calm the beast. And that’s when the most amazing thing happened. Kangaroo grabbed the hand of one of the cyclists and seemed to thank him without words.

David managed to shoot all this on camera and then said that they saved the kangaroo for about 30 minutes and it took the same importance for the animal to get out of the state of shock.

Surely, he fell into the icy water accidentally and could not move due to severe hypothermia.

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