The most luxurious panther goes to the beach and meets sunbathers

The panther Luna was brought to the beach to cool down, but she didn’t even want to go near the shore. It was a hot day, they put a leash around her big neck.

Venza, Luna’s Rottweiler sister, happily jumped into the car, and they were on their way. Luna and Venza had their noses up against the window as they looked out excitedly.

The sun was shining and when they reached their destination, they saw some tourists already sunbathing. Luna thought it was a new place, but she had actually been there when she was a tiny kitten.

It was some time ago when Luna first visited, and even then she didn’t like the water. Venza quickly jumped out of the car while Luna was still hesitant to get out.

One of the tourists was surprised to see Luna and looked at her curiously. Luna was drawn to her as well but didn’t get too close. She was scared of strangers and wanted to go to the forest.

Luna stole the tourist’s bright pink backpack and played with it before it was returned. Then she finally spent some time in the forest, where she bit some branches and hopped across tree stumps.

Venza was drenched from playing in the river, and Luna was excited to finally go home. Luna jumped into the car while Venza tried to bring home a piece of wood as a souvenir.

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