The mother dog along with the cubs were found abandoned in a crate. But their salvation came from good people

It is no secret that it is incredibly difficult for homeless animals to survive in the street. It is especially difficult for mothers who are forced to take care not only of themselves, but also of their helpless cubs.

They need to be warmed, fed, protected, and sometimes moms put in incredible efforts for this.

So, recently the residents of the house found a dog family near the building and immediately gave them a meal and brought them a box in which they could at least temporarily hide from bad weather.

They also informed the volunteers about the dog and puppies that needed help. Employees of the local shelter arrived at the indicated address and easily dragged the family into the cage.

Although at first the mother dog was a little scared and protected her puppies as best she could, then she realized that they wanted to help them and became much calmer.

Volunteers did not separate them in the shelter and settled in one large enclosure and now are looking for permanent owners for them.

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