The mushroom picker drove the hunter away from the wolves and the leader thanked him with a gift

In one of the taiga forests, a mushroom picker accidentally noticed a she-wolf with cubs running nearby. A moment later, a hunter appeared with a gun, ready to aim at the wolf family.

The mushroom picker quickly stood between them, and the gratitude of the leader was unexpected.

The story was shared by the man himself. He came to a small village where he worked as a veterinarian. He noted that he always had a negative attitude towards hunting and hunters.

It was for this reason that he didn’t even hesitate when he decided to interfere with the hunter. The man stood on the line of sight and asked the hunter to leave in an amicable way.

He, not particularly gladly, but still left. Gregory (that was the name of the mushroom picker) thought that the wolf pack had also left, but it turned out not to be so.

He turned and noticed the leader, who was holding a stick in his teeth. The wolf, as if in gratitude, brought it and laid it at the feet of Gregory, looked into his eyes for a long time and then slowly disappeared.

The man took his unusual trophy home and it hangs on his wall as a keepsake. Someone might think that this is just rubbish, however, for him it was a trophy close to his heart.

Sometimes wild animals are much more conscious and grateful than people, and we should learn from them.

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