The noblest tramp or the best story to make the day: this homeless man’s honesty was rewarded

A homeless man named Billy Ray Harris sat in his usual spot on a Kansas City street every day, begging.

One day, a woman, Sarah Darling, was passing by the beggar and, seeing him, threw some coins into the cup where he was collecting his money.

The woman did not notice how, with coins, she slipped a diamond ring into the cup.

Some time later, having decided to leave, before getting on his bike, the tramp noticed that among the money collected was a precious jewel.

Billy could sell the jewelry, he learned it cost $4,000, but he didn’t. When Sarah got home, she noticed that her ring was missing.

For the wife, it was not only an expensive item, but also an overpriced souvenir, a gift from her husband.

Suddenly the idea came to her that she could have given it to the homeless man with coins.

The next day, the woman went to the same place where the homeless man was begging.

She approached the tramp and asked him in a low voice if she had given him anything valuable.

“Was that a ring?” Billy asked immediately. Hearing an affirmative answer, the tramp took off the jewel and returned it to Sarah.

Then he added that it was his grandfather who raised him and that he always followed the advice of his grandfather who was a priest.

Sarah was so grateful to the homeless man that she spilled all the money she had in her wallet into Billy’s cup.

Together with her husband Bill Krejci, the woman began raising funds for Billy. And in three months, they managed to raise $190,000.

Billy’s lifestyle has completely changed. With these donations, the former tramp bought a house and a car and reunited with his family.

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