The owner “ignored” the dog, pretending not to see him, but he didn’t understand what was happening

A dog named Chico believes that this whole world exists only for his sake. You can’t say the kid is wrong! At least his mistress makes the pet believe in it.

And what happens if you ignore your pet for at least a minute? Now we’ll find out.

A few days ago, the owner of the dog decided to play a trick on the animal. Usually the girl pays a lot of attention to her pet, but this time she pretended that Chico was not around. The hostess defiantly called the dog, as if not noticing that he was excitedly jumping around her. No, this dog could not stand it! He began to bark persistently so that the hostess would finally notice him, but the girl continued to pretend that she did not see or hear her pet.

Pretending that your dog is invisible. 🤣 #ChicoFollow Chico for more videos!

Geplaatst door Janice Mars op Dinsdag 3 maart 2020


To the joy of the pet, the hostess soon finished her prank. When Chico again became «visible» to the girl, he again took a dominant role in her life.

The kid was just happy to return to his usual way of life.

In the end, everyone’s life becomes a little better when such an adorable dog like Chico appears in it. Is it possible for a long time not to notice this charmer?

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