The owner of a huge pig passed away and the animal was kicked out of a residential building

Ellen Edwards, 57, became the owner of a Vietnamese pig a couple of years ago. The sellers didn’t warn him that he would grow so huge but she still loved her Twiggy very much and took care of him the best she could.

The pig enjoyed the comfort, soft blanket and mattresses, good and delicious food and the pig even went to the tray, just like a pet. The pig grew and grew, becoming larger and the mistress still left him at home and perceived him as a pet.

However, unfortunately, Ellen passed away very soon and her grandchildren had to send the pig to a special center. However it wasn’t so easy, since at that time the pig already weighed two centners.

She was so big that she couldn’t climb through the doorway, besides, Twiggle was tied to her owner and avoided other people.

He had to seek help from rescuers and the society, which is fighting cruelty to animals. It took three hours for the unfortunate pig to be carried out of the apartment.

Veterinarians have determined that she is obese and the pig is now on a diet, which is very unusual for her, because she has to eat only vegetables and fruits.

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